MODify/d partners with companies in the apparel business to re/use, re/cycle, re/purpose damages, samples and that which would normally be discarded. [visit our LINKS page to learn who our partners are]

MODify/d re/thinks our collective relationship with what might be seen as useless and makes wearable and usable things [in limited editions] for people and their homes.

In our attempt to re/duce MODify/d strives to make ecologically sound choices. We use kapok or recylced plastic bottle filling for our pillows and stuffies. We use vintage trims whenever possible. We use cardboard packaging and inserts we receive for our hang tags.

MODify/d is based in the Bay Area of California and works with individual artists, designers, and artisan owned sewing factories to make sweatshop free products.

MODify/d also donates a percentage of its proceeds to various charities. We tell you the percentage and the charity on our hang tags. Part of the proceeds of our endangered species stuffies goes directly to charities involved with saving and preserving animals.

We are happy to donate a percentage of our sales to the NRDC. We've been doing so since we started in 2010.

You can read more about the founders of MODify/d: Candice Gold and Lisa Solomom in the WHO WE ARE section above.