what do we make? and how do we do it? we take a sweater [damaged or leftover], samples of all kinds, leftover yardage etc, and we cut, trim, refashion, add do-dads and end up with:

hats * dog beds * pillows in all shapes and sizes * fingerless gloves * cup cozies * endangered species stuffies * headbands * pins * mini blankets... basically whatever we can think of given the materials at hand.

this means that many of our goods are one of a kind, or a couple of a kind [2 sleeves on a sweater for hats]. it's always fun for us to peruse what we have as raw materials to see what will come next !

to see the latest stuff we've been making please visit our FLICKR page !

hats hoodie dog bed pillows
pillows pillows pillow gloves
cup cozies stuffie mini blanket with matching engangered stuffie
green elephant pin mini blanket with matching engangered stuffie

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